9 Aftermarket Mods That Ruined These Sports Cars

There’s a huge aftermarket in the car industry. Whether it’s non-factory replacement parts for things that have broken on your car, upgrades for performance, or any of the vast array of extras, goodies, toys, and gear for your car, from seat covers to headlight polish, it’s all considered part of the aftermarket for cars. In fact, there are entire shows dedicated to cars that feature various aftermarket accessories called the “SEMA Show,” which stands for “Specialty Equipment Market Association.” Modifying cars can get extreme; we’ve all seen the kinds of crazy things people do to cars while we’re driving on the roads, whether to work, to home, or just for fun. It’s quite the booming industry, and people, for some reason, love modifying their sports cars—sometimes, really expensive ones, too.

The thing about modifying a sports car is that sports cars are most often designed by specialists, who spent months, years even, making sure their creation was optimized in every way—that it handled well, went fast, was aerodynamically sound, and many other things. To modify it after that, you have to be smart and conservative; otherwise, you risk jeopardizing the performance of the sports car. A lot of people don’t quite understand that concept. More often than not, aftermarket mods are installed onto sports cars that should’ve never been touched in the first place. Here’s a good look at 9 aftermarket mods that ruined these sports cars. By the end of it, you’ll be shaking your head in bewilderment.


I don’t know which is worse, the pure size of the wing on the back or the soldering wire framework holding it up. I’m just blown away by how this thing hasn’t fallen off yet merely under its own weight. It looks like it’s only attached at the bottom by a couple of small screws. As soon as this car hits highway speeds, I’d imagine the drag (yes, drag, not downforce) of this ahem “addition” would rip it right off. Maybe it’s literally just for show, and the owner just takes it off and disassembles it between shows.

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