8 Sports Cars That Didn’t Age Well At All

Sports cars are one of the most popular types of car on the market, and not just for their performance, as well. More often than not, sports cars are some of the best-looking cars on the road. Add in stellar performance and there is no question why so many people end up purchasing a sports car. There have been countless models built all over the world, from Aston Martins to Acuras, Pontiac to Porsches, just to name a few. And plenty have become classics.

Some sports cars are a bit of a conundrum, though. A lot of these sports cars are actually very solid when they’re released but over time, they lose some of their luster and appeal, and do not remain as desirable as they used to be. This can be for many reasons. Some of these cars may never have actually been as good as they seemed in the first place, or perhaps their rivals just left them behind in terms of performance.

Of course, some were solid cars, but as time went on, they were themselves superseded simply by later iterations of the same model, rendering older generations obsolete. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of sports cars that have not aged very well over time and in the end, have become less and less desirable as the years have gone on.


Aston Martin has long been renowned for gorgeous styling, with some of the most beautiful looking cars to ever grace the roads of this planet. The V8 Vantage was no exception, and its 380-horsepower V8 paired to a glorious manual transmission provided an unrivaled driving experience when it first launched. But as time has gone on, it has been superseded by later models, both from Aston and other car companies. Despite all that, though, the V8 Vantage still remains an outrageously good looking car and is perhaps the definition of beautiful. Some of its successors from rival companies that may best it in the performance arena can’t come close when it comes to looks.

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