8 People Who Put Strange-Looking Rims On Their Sports Car

There are a lot of sports cars in the world. People love sports cars. That’s because sports cars are fun, plain and simple. They look cool, they go fast, and they’re really fun to drive. A lot of different models are actually quite affordable, but of course, there are a lot of sports cars that can be really expensive but worth it if you have the money. It’s quite a large spectrum, with sports cars for almost every kind of car lover. The spectrum is even further broadened by the massive aftermarket industry. For each and every sports car model, there’s a vast array of aftermarket products, tools, kits, and enhancements you can add to your car, from ones that are purely aesthetic to ones that improve the performance of the car. There are moderate modifications—like different rims, a sports suspension, a cold-air intake, a more efficient exhaust—and then there are the ones that are truly outrageous—things like stanced widebody cars, heavy bulky body kits, massive rims, huge lift kits, straight-pipe exhausts… the list of outrageous mods goes on and on and on. Of all the things that you can do to your sports car, one of the worst cosmetically is disgracing them with ugly rims. Whether they’re ugly due to the sheer inanity of them, the impossible impracticality, or the products of the worst taste possible, they’re a sure-fire way to ruin a sports car.


These rims are pretty preposterous. They’re clearly way too big for this BMW, giving it more underground clearance than a Land Rover. I’m not sure what the point of doing this to a BMW really even has, because unlike a lot of mod cultures where you actually make the car better—or even if you don’t—you’re still able to use the car as designed. With this kind of modification, the beautiful German-designed engine goes to complete waste because there’s no suspension, no center of gravity, and no handling, and I imagine that even the acceleration is extremely crippled. Such a shame.

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