11 Photos Of Dream Sports Cars That Were Sadly Left Behind


This is another car left in Dubai. Mercedes makes an appearance on the list with the CL550. The inside of this ride is no slouch with a twin-turbo 4.7-liter V8. It doesn’t fall short when it comes to power.

When looking at abandoned rides, it becomes evident that the exterior can get damaged rather easily. However, the inside can be just as bad. Auto Evolutionexplains the tough reality for this abandoned Mercedes:

“There are common sense issues that typically occur when a car gets abandoned, with the most obvious one being the decaying of all rubber elements, such as the seals. From the doors to the turbocharger, you’ll have quite a list of seals to replace. Items such as the tires, battery, filters and sometimes even the brake discs and pads will need to be changed.” (Source: Auto Evolution)

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