11 Photos Of Dream Sports Cars That Were Sadly Left Behind

Isn’t there something so compelling about finding an abandoned car? Some might say “eerie” is the perfect word. However, it gets a lot more compelling when that abandoned ride is one with lots of value. Bar Finds has turned into a phenomenon because of that. There isn’t a greater feeling than uncovering a car that’s disappeared for years and years.

Sadly, aside from a couple of cases, these cars didn’t have a similar fate to those on Barn Finds. They weren’t restored and instead, were left to be completely and utterly wasted. Some continue to waste away in impound lots. In a lot of the cases, owners abandoned the ride due to a fraud payment or due to the fact that the car was too expensive to fix or maintain. This led to some top-tier sports cars rotting away, rides such as Ferrari types and Lamborghinis, just to name but a few.

On the flip side, we’ll also feature rides that were completely forgotten about in a garage or worse, outdoors. Some of these prestigious rides might be covered in snow or forestry—just sad, to be quite honest.

From a Diablo to a Countach, we feature extreme cases of dream sports cars that were sadly left behind. Enjoy the article, folks, and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!


“A Maserati Quattroporte (sic) has been snapped abandoned in a river in the south is (sic) Israel.” (Source: GT Spirit)

The reason for the abandonment remains unknown.

Some indicate it might’ve been left in that state due to a flooding problem out in Israel, which is pretty common.

However, there’s also the chance that it was purposely put there. Car abandonment seems to be common in the country, according to Surya Solanki of GT Spirit:

“Israel isn’t new to witnessing abandoned cars. GTspirit recently covered a deserted Ford GT that had been confiscated by the authorities because the owner didn’t pay the entire tax on the supercar.” (Source: GT Spirit)

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