24 Sports Cars People Keep Buying Even Though They’re Bad

Every car enthusiast dreams of having their own sports car added to their collection. Whether new or used, this is always not a major concern. In fact, buying a new or used car depends on the strength of your wallet or your budget. Other people tend to turn to Japanese imports which are affordable and reliable, as well.Consequently, most people normally opt for used cars when it comes to acquiring a sports car. However, considering their age, one needs to pause for a second thought before making any big decision. The main concern here is the number of repairs that these cars require before they get back on shape. Though every car needs repair from time to time, used sports or supercars may regularly demand repairs.Despite the beauty of these machines, a new sports car is always outside most people’s budget. Hence, most of these performance cars enthusiasts turn to a rather convenient way which is to acquire second-hand or used cars. While these cars are not made to last long, this makes them a gamble in terms of maintenance cost.Even with that said, some people keep buying these cars. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the sports cars that people keep buying despite their bad condition.


Toyota is a strong car brand and the reliability of their cars is undeniable. However, these facts are not in any way proof that the brand is faultless. The Celica GT-S model, for instance, is an eighth generation sports car has failed in the area of acceleration.The 2000/01 Toyota model is not only hesitant in acceleration but also a little sluggish.Though not a major problem, this annoyance is of concern to most Celica GT-S owners. A sports car that drags in acceleration is not something you would fancy. While plenty of mods might be magical cures, the problems will eventually haunt your dreams.

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