10 Sports Car Mods The Cops Don’t Like (But The Rest Of Us Love)

Since the very first horseless carriages, the pinnacle of automotive technology always comes in the form of racing cars. But while most drivers will never get the chance to drive on a race track or in a competition-spec race car, even the average car buyer has the opportunity to purchase a wide range of street-legal sports cars.

Sports cars today are extremely complex machines that combine all the advanced tech of a computer with the increasingly complicated underlying mechanical components of any other automobile. But the basic elements that make a sports car desirable have remained unchanged for more than a century: a sports car must be powerful, it must handle well, and, as always, it must look good.

The world’s most advanced sports cars can even exceed the technological advances of actual competition racers, but they can also cost well into the millions of dollars, meaning only the richest people in the world will ever get the chance to drive the likes of a Koenigsegg Agera or a Bugatti Veyron. Everyday sports cars, however, are more attainable – especially on the secondhand market.

Given constant advances in engineering, used sports cars are typically not quite as fast as newer ones, and an entire industry of aftermarket modifications has emerged that allows for sports car owners to beef up the power, handling, and style of their cars. But not everything sold online is legal to add to a vehicle that travels on city streets. Keep scrolling for 10 of the best illegal sports car mods, some that are easy to get away with and some that are totally obvious to the cops.


For drivers who want to take their sports cars to the track and enjoy a day of pushing themselves and their vehicles up to, and past, the limit, racing seats become a must-buy modification.

Normal car seats just don’t provide the kind support necessary to hold drivers  (and brave passengers) back in their seats when cornering at high speeds, and simultaneously don’t provide the same kind of safety support that could result from pushing a sports car too far past its edge.

But racing seats and harnesses can also be against the law for use on city streets for the simple fact that they weren’t part of the car’s design when it passed safety tests during development.

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